Debian on the Nano problems

Rubén Berenguel ruben at
Sun May 30 05:52:02 EDT 2010

Hi everyone,

I guess I am having some problem reflashing the Ben to install Debian.
When I try to write uboot, it does not end with "SUCCESS" but with:

Current device information:
CPU type is Ingenic XBurst Jz4740
Crystal work at 12MHz, the CCLK up to 252MHz and PMH_CLK up to 84MHz
SDRAM Total size is 32 MB, work in 4 bank and 16 bit mode
Nand page per block 128, Nand page size 4096, ECC offset in OOB 12,
bad block offset in OOB 0, bad block page 127, use 1 plane mode
 Execute command: nprog 0 openwrt-xburst-u-boot.bin 0 0 -n
 Programing No.0 device, flen 444660, start page 0...
 CPU data: Boot4740
 Erasing No.0 device No.0 flash (start_blk 0 blk_num 1)......
 Finish! Return: 80 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 (position 1)
 Force erase, no bad block infomation!
 Size to send 444660, transfer_size 524288
 Image type : without oob
 It will cause 1 times buffer transfer.
 Writing NAND page 0 len 446464...
 CPU data: Boot4740
 Finish! (len 446464 start_page 0 page_num 109)
 Checking 446464 bytes... no check! End at Page: 109

As you can see it does not succeed, but when I try to do a full erase,
it only shows:

 Erasing No.0 device No.0 flash (start_blk 0 blk_num 4096)......
 Finish! Return: 00 00 08 00 00 00 00 00 (position 4096)
 Force erase, no bad block infomation!

But in my  /etc/xburst-tools/usbboot.cfg file, NAND_FORCEERASE = 1

I can flash correctly openwrt and debian-lenny, the Nano shows the
quick text showing it is uncompressing the kernel, and then nothing
(black screen). It will not show anything under Ctrl-Alt-F2 (or any
other F), or Alt-F2 (or any other F) and it can't be accesssed via
SSH. Also with several different tries the led light was off while the
USB cable was on.

Any hints will be very welcome!


* Rubén Berenguel

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