sdcv - commandline stardict client

jirka jirka at
Sun May 30 06:13:03 EDT 2010


It is a well-working software (client is written in PyQt). I used it on my
Nokia N800 for 
some time. But it realy is not fast - even on the N800 with its huge RAM
(128 MB) and
relatively fast processor (400 MHz ARM).

So it is probably too big and too slow for use on your little Bens. 

Probably it will be necessary to write custom software for this purpose to
get satisfying
performance (no, I don't want to try do it - I have lot of work with
rewriting of my own
software for use on the Ben :-\  ).

Jiri Brozovsky

On Sun, 30 May 2010 03:32:53 +0000, Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at>
> Guylhem,
>> I'd suggest something close to
>> -
>> it's simple and it works.
>> Trying to create zim files is complicated. (I tried!)
> Totally agree with you. Thanks for the link, seems like an interesting
> approach maybe we can get something like that to work quickly...
> For completeness, on IRC Kristian Paul pointed to a similar project:
> Wolfgang
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