More debian-nano problems: apt-get bus error

Rubén Berenguel ruben at
Sun May 30 07:34:23 EDT 2010

Well, debian up and running, thanks to the log-version Xiangfu posted.
But now I can't install anything through apt-get.

-> Bus error.

I followed solutions posted over the net for this kind of error
(removing all bin files from /etc/apt/cache), then apt-get update
(which failed to fetch a few repositories, I guess wrong paths or
servers not responding). But then when apt-get install emacs (as an

root at ben:/var/cache/apt # apt-get install emacs
Reading package lists... Error!
Bus error

Again. I can't get it to install anything, if I try again with another package:

root at ben:/var/cache/apt # apt-get install zile
Bus errorackage lists... 0%

Any hints will be very much welcome... if not, I'll have to wrestle
with emacs (and gcc...) to fit openwrt :S

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