More debian-nano problems: apt-get bus error

marc zonzon marc.zonzon at
Sun May 30 10:44:28 EDT 2010

2010/5/30 Rubén Berenguel <ruben at>:
> Well, debian up and running, thanks to the log-version Xiangfu posted.
> But now I can't install anything through apt-get.
> -> Bus error.
> I followed solutions posted over the net for this kind of error
> (removing all bin files from /etc/apt/cache), then apt-get update
> (which failed to fetch a few repositories, I guess wrong paths or
> servers not responding). But then when apt-get install emacs (as an
> example!):
> root at ben:/var/cache/apt # apt-get install emacs
> Reading package lists... Error!
> Bus error
> Again. I can't get it to install anything, if I try again with another package:
> root at ben:/var/cache/apt # apt-get install zile
> Bus errorackage lists... 0%
> Any hints will be very much welcome... if not, I'll have to wrestle
> with emacs (and gcc...) to fit openwrt :S
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I suspect your apt db not to be clean, you should check your
sources.list and keep only the important repositories to be sure to
have a clean "apt-get update" (what are these server not responding
and broken path?).
Then do: "apt-get check" then you can be confident in your database.
If that work, does it fail before loading package in the cache or when
unpacking or configuring. You can first do an "apt-get --download-only
<package>" to check the package is well downloaded.


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