imgv v0.2.1

Fernando fcarello at
Sun May 30 17:13:56 EDT 2010

Thanks a lot! :D

I was still trying to arrange my source folders in order to use git, you saved 
me quite some time. ;D

>the imgv have added to openwrt-package.git:
>I have tested imgv in my NanoNote. I like it.

Todo list for imgv 0.2.2:

- Add ability to view image title (have to figure out how to write text in SDL 
in a clever way)

Todo list for imgv 0.3.0:

- Add ability to browse all images in current dir ("imgv all")

Other projects in the drawer:

Video player (maybe I'll be able to port a player from another project)
Graphic file browser
Graphic calendar

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