More debian-nano problems: apt-get bus error

Christopher Harrington ironiridis at
Sun May 30 21:08:38 EDT 2010

2010/5/30 Rubén Berenguel <ruben at>

> root at ben:/var/cache/apt/archives # apt-get update
> Hit unstable Release.gpg
> Hit unstable Release
> Hit unstable/main Packages
> Reading package lists... Error!
> Bus error
> root at ben:/var/cache/apt/archives # apt-get --download-only install
> emacs22-nox
> Bus errorackage lists... 0%
You may be running out of memory. Do you have swap enabled anywhere?

A Bus Error is also fired on an unaligned access to memory on platforms
which require aligned access. I'm not sure if the NanoNote is one of these,
but it would make sense that you can't run any complex application.

Double check that the binaries you are running are compiled for the correct

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