More debian-nano problems: apt-get bus error

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Mon May 31 02:52:07 EDT 2010


> It was common on Hp 600 jornadas also with ipkg (16MB ram) and
> was solved by adding swap-space.

Swap on flash is painful, whether that's on the internal NAND chip or a
microSD card. Where was the swap space stored in the Jornada? Any problems
with NAND write cycles?

I read that Linux 2.6.33 introduced 'compressed memory' and at some point
Lars said he already looked at that a bit. So not sure whether this will
work on the 2.6.34 kernel now, or how many more megabytes can realistically
be squeezed out with that, and at what performance penalty.

Reminds me a bit of those scam 'RAM Doubler' and what not many years ago :-)
But well, I read it's in Linux now, so who knows maybe it helps...


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