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since we decide tracking the upstream backfire branch.
so we recently cleanup the openwrt-xburst.git repo.
now we have three branches:

  create base on upstream [backfire] branch,
  this branch for merge back to upstream. will cherry-pick commit from [master]
  (now we have three commit for upstream)
  (I guess we will rebase some commit for upstream in this branch. so please also use [master])

  create base on [tracking_backfire], include NanoNote special files (like data/). 
  we always work on this branch, commit changes to it.

  it's the old-master branch. which contain all the commit history. 

Update Your Local GIT:
  1. backup your change which is not commit.
  2. git co --track -b tmp
  3. git branch -D master tracking_backfire (remove your local branchs)
  4. git fetch -a
  5. git remote prune origin
  6. git co --track -b master origin/master (now you have new [master] branch)
  7. cherry-pick your commit from tmp to master(if you have). then apply you backup changes
  8. git branch -D tmp

Some Advice:
 when you try to push commit to [master] please try:
   1. commit your changes in local [master] branch
   2. git fetch origin
   3. git rebase origin/master
   4. git push origin maste

those steps will always apply your commit to the top of origin/master.
reduce [merge] commit. I always like rebase then push. which is make 
commit more clear :)

you can find more info about this cleanup in this thread:

Best Regards
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