CELF conference feedback

Phil Endecott spam_from_qihw at chezphil.org
Mon Nov 1 12:11:22 EDT 2010

Hi Everyone,

I went to the CELF embedded linux event last week and took the
opportunity to show my NanoNote to anyone who was interested.

As you would expect, the reaction was some mixture of:

- Ha!  Cute!
- No wifi?  No USB host?  No touchscreen?  So basically it's useless then.
- How do I type a "-" ?
- Ah, these were the scary guys I remember from FOSDEM who said they
were making 100% copyleft hardware but it turned out that the CPU isn't.

There was the usual mix of good and mediocre presentations.  If you're
interested in deciding which filesystem to use on your embedded flash
device, Michael Opdenacker's talk would be useful.  Harald Welte gave a
great talk about his work on GSM, building his own phone and base
station code from scratch (mere mortals wouldn't have finished reading
the specs yet...).  You may have heard about "Yocto", but the people I
spoke to just said "why do we want yet-another build system /
lightweight distribution?".  There was a certain amount of buzz about
the OMAP4 chip and the new Panda Board (successor to the OMAP3 Beagle
Board); to me the interesting aspect is that it's one of the first
non-x86 systems with video outputs that can drive desktop monitor
resolutions; previously I've had to use things like pico-ITX VIA boards
for that.

If you're interested in the presentations, slides and videos will
eventually be available at
http://elinux.org/ELC_Europe_2010_Presentations .  Jake Edge from LWN
was present so you can expect some coverage to appear at lwn.net in due course.

Cheers,  Phil.

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