cards for the uSD slot (was Re: Battery and power questions)

Werner Almesberger werner at
Tue Nov 2 12:15:47 EDT 2010

Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
>> That's probably not possible with Ben. But what about microSD SDIO cards? 
> Werner works on an interesting RF board using 802.15.4 and 6LoWPAN

Note that this one isn't SDIO but uses bit-banging to implement a
form of SPI. (MicroSD has an optional SPI mode, but The MMC
controller hardware in the Ben's CPU does not support SPI directly.)

There are more things you can do with the uSD slot:

- Rikard Lindstrom made a card that brings out the signals to a
  prototyping board [1],

- Wolfgang is looking into having such an adapter/cable produced in
  larger quantities,

- ben-blinkenlights plugs into the uSD slot and drives a line of
  LEDs [2],

- David "tuxbrain" Samblas made a blinkenlights variant based on
  Rikard's design [3],

- the c2ben circuit of the f32xbase project is a specialized
  adapter for programming C8051F32x MCUs (used in ben-wpan/atusb,
  ben-wpan/cntr, idbg) [4]

- David suggested a serial adapter, where you talk SPI between the
  Ben and a small AVR MCU, and the AVR then talks RS-232 (at 3.3 V)
  to some other device.

- David also suggested a USB host adapter, based on ... I think it
  was the Maxim MAX3421. [5]

[5] Sheets/Maxim PDFs/MAX3421E.pdf

- Werner

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