Werner Almesberger werner at
Tue Nov 2 16:49:20 EDT 2010

Jane Andreas wrote:
> Has anyone put any additional screen protectors on their nanonotes? 

The screen cover is just a thick plastic sheet that's glued to the
cover. Not too difficult to replace and they're probably cheap to
make. May this be in, say, packs of five, the sort of accessory
Christoph desires ?

> is there any way to prevent or clean up the casing?

To combat lipids, I'd use isopropyl alcohol. Other gentle household
solvents may work, too. Careful with harsher solvents like acetone,
paint thinner/remover, WD40 (*), etc., as they may attack the

(*) Not useful in this case, but it's a great adhesive remover.

- Werner

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