Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Tue Nov 2 22:11:38 EDT 2010

> The screen cover is just a thick plastic sheet that's glued to the
> cover. Not too difficult to replace and they're probably cheap to
> make. May this be in, say, packs of five, the sort of accessory
> Christoph desires ?

I think Jane meant the thin protective film that is over the LCM.
If that's true, I suggest to remove it. It was meant as a protection
for shipping, nobody tried to improve its scratch resistance, it will
get dirty, etc.
Strangely many people leave it on though.

You can see the film here:
(see the little 'waves' it forms)

Underneath that film is what's called "PC sheet", I would think
PC means polycarbonate. The PC sheet was chosen for its scratch
resistance and transparency (we chose the best we could find after
many comparisons...)
It is indeed glued onto the plastic underneath it, but I don't
recommend removing it. It will not break, but dirt/dust will get in
between the PC sheet and the glass of the LCM module that is
underneath it.
When putting the PC sheet on top of the LCM module, a pressured air
gun is used to clean both sides, see here

If you absolutely have to 'lift off' the PC sheet, do so with a thin
tool from the side, and watch that you don't scratch off the black
color from the bottom side of it.
(be careful, you can really easily scratch off the paint)
(you can see the glue here)

Hope this helps,

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