Selling my dev nanonote

Mark Tuson markfptuson at
Mon Nov 8 07:06:41 EST 2010


The NanoNote V2 sounds interesting - you say 64M of RAM and a USB host? 
Does that mean I can put a mouse on it? Heh heh. Or am I mistaken? 
Anyway, I'm interested in both NanoNotes!

If you'll get back to me, we can talk about how I can pay, and whatever.

Thanks. Mark.

On 08/11/10 03:21, Guylhem Aznar wrote:
> Hello
> Due to a lack of time and an overscheduling on various projects, I
> have to drop my nanonote activity.
> Up for grabs:
> 1x Nanonote, 1xNanonote V2 (2x RAM, with usb host), 1x spare V1
> motherboard and keyboard -  with 1x USB cable unless I manage to find
> the other one, 2x cardboard boxes.
> I also have an AVR butterfly with the CDS photosensor and a spare bag
> of various I2C sensors (temperature, hygrometry, pressure...), with
> its AVR USB reprogrammer, several serial alphanumeric LCD displays and
> a separate AVR led cube with a 3x3x3 tricolor led matrix - for those
> who want to learn microcontroller programming with some fun
> applications.
> All come with their cables and everything. I'm asking for 50 Eur for
> each package. Shipment is free unless you need some specific (costly)
> shipment like a tracked parcel
> Guylhem
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