Recovering a 'nerase' with a subsequent reset

Niels Serup ns at
Fri Nov 12 10:04:18 EST 2010


I just screwed up (at least I'm pretty sure of that). When reflashing my
NanoNote, I did this on my computer:

usbboot -c "nerase 0 4096 0 0"
usbboot -c "nprog 1024 uImage 0 0 -n"
usbboot -c "nprog 1024 debian-sid.ubi 0 0 -n"

After which I reset my NanoNote. When I tried turning it on, it did not
work. I could not boot normally, I could not boot from a microSD card,
and I could not boot in usbboot mode.

I realize that my first command completely erased everything, and that
it should've been 2048 instead of 1024 in my third command, and that I
should've transferred a u-boot image to position 0 of the NAND memory
(which I forgot).

My question is: Can I somehow get my dear NanoNote to work again? Any
help is appreciated.


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