Powering/charging issues

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Mon Nov 15 04:46:00 EST 2010

welcome back! :-)

> I have left my nanonote discharging for a while (say a couple months), and I 
> tried recharging it yesterday for a couple of hours, but the battery charging 
> indicator remains red. This makes me feel like the battery is completely 
> discharged and the regulator is unable to charge it again.

Hmm. First maybe try to see whether you can boot the NanoNote without
battery, just powered over the USB cable. That will give you a
baseline that the device itself is fine. If you have nothing workable
in NAND, you may try to go to the usb-boot mode and see whether lsusb
shows 601a:4740 on your host.
See http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Unbrick

For the battery, I actually don't know that much. Yes I think leaving it
in charging state, even for 1 day or so, could help.
If that doesn't work, maybe you can try an external wall charger, if
you have one. The NanoNote battery is a quite common size, so many
chargers will work.
Worst case maybe the battery cannot be revived and you need to get a new


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