Open source 802.15.4 protocol stack and Arduino-compatible board

Stefan Schmidt stefan at
Mon Nov 15 15:34:32 EST 2010


On Mon, 2010-11-15 at 17:18, Werner Almesberger wrote:
> > The open source 802.15.4 protocol stack caught my eye.
> May be worth a look. My plan is to use the Linux stack from the
> linux-zigbee project, which at the moment doesn't have much activity
> but does seem to be able to get up to the point of communicating with
> IPv6.

It worked ok for me for plain 802.15.4, never tested 6lowpan. The port of the
contiki 6lowpan implementation seems to be stuck a bit and various people  are
talking about getting it in but I haven't seen much code to fix it.

Sounds like a good chance to refresh your network stack experience. :D

I would like to see Dmitry pushing more of the stack upwards but it seems that
it is a private project from him now and no longer driven by Siemens.

I may will work on some bits here and there starting in april during my diploma
thesis. Pushing DTN on 802.15.4 further.

Stefan Schmidt

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