Xue sensor selection query

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Thu Nov 18 06:00:32 EST 2010

thanks for writing!

> I'd noticed that the sensor page on Xué indicated that the Aptina
> MT9M033C12STC was currently being sampled (tested?), and was wondering
> whether any of the other sensors had been tested

We have placed a firm order for 30 of those sensors, and expect to
get them in mid-December. Expensive ICs, we paid 18.90 USD / sensor!
If we get them, I'm sure we will build the first cameras with those
sensors, and will try to unlock the full potential of these ICs with
free software for quite some time, maybe a year or more?

> especially those with higher resolution.

What is good about higher resolution?

> OV14810, for example, looks interesting.

What parameters do you look at in a sensor? Can you tell us a bit
more about your use case, what you have in mind with Xué?

> On the point of adding a second sensor, will a only a single sensor type
> be supported via on-board circuitry?  (I suppose the supplied Ethernet
> could be used for attaching a variety of second sensor modules; e.g.,
> Elphel.)

How do you want to attach another sensor via Ethernet? Sure with
Ethernet you could connect to other IP cameras, including Elphel, but
that would be at a very different level from getting sensor data into
an FPGA.


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