art creation on Ben Nanonote

Mattes Sarcander info at
Mon Nov 29 03:51:52 EST 2010

"Jane Andreas" <JaneAndreas at> wrote:


> some smaller scale version of Blender, or
> perhaps when I learn more in the distant future, a rewritten 3d
> content creation program perhaps based on GNU Plots capacities? I
> think if the Ben can do real time 3d in PrBoom, it might be able to
> render a QVGA 3d scene? Maybe it is absurd.

Perhaps you want to have a look at POV-Ray (
It's a raytracing engine with it's own programming language, so you
could script a scene on the Nanonote, even rendering some small
previews, and do the final high-resolution render on a bigger machine.

Interactive modelling tools like Blender or Art of Illusion would be
pretty hardcore on such a small screen (and missing three button
mouse!), I think tools like POV-Ray are a better choice in this regard.

Oh, and IIRC you can later import your POV-Ray scene into Blender.



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