proposal: new branch in openwrt_xburst at
Mon Oct 4 16:44:03 EDT 2010

We have the following branches in our openwrt_xburst repository:


These branches track branches/backfire and trunk in the OpenWrt
repository, respectively.  They do this bidirectionally.  If
something goes into tracking_backfire, the intention is that it
should be merged to branches/backfire[1][2], and if an update is
made to branches/backfire, we want to merge it into tracking_backfire.

I've recently made a change in tracking_backfire that isn't
appropriate to merge to branches/backfire, it is specific to the
NanoNote[3].  This specific change was discussed on IRC shortly
after I made it[4].

I asked, in that conversation, to sleep on the proposals that were
made.  After spending some time thinking about this issue, I have a

I would like to do more in-depth modification to openwrt_xburst,
including modifications that are only appropriate on the NanoNote.
The NanoNote, being a single device, can make assumptions about the
hardware and configuration options that OpenWrt, being more general,
cannot.  I want to take advantage of this and commit
NanoNote-specific customizations to a special branch.

I propose the creation of a new branch:


The idea is that this branch will contain changes that are not
intended to be merged upstream.  I would hope that our snapshots
would eventually be run from this branch, and that data would be
merged: branches/backfire <=> tracking_backfire => ben_nanonote.

Changes that are appropriate to be merged upstream are done in
tracking_backfire.  Changes that are not appropriate to be merged
upstream are done in ben_nanonote.  In some cases, a change
originally made in ben_nanonote may be discovered to be more
generic, at which point it could be selectively merged down to

Please improve this idea,


1: The exception here seems to be the data/ directory, which
   contains NanoNote-specific files intented only to live in
2: My understanding may be incomplete, please correct me if I've
   misrepresented the workflow between these branches.
.i ko djuno fi le do sevzi

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