Open Source Hardware Summit Debrief

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Wed Oct 6 10:49:13 EDT 2010


> You're welcome to post my statements, and thanks for asking.

Alright, done it and it's great!

I have improved the Qi news feed system a bit, and want to use this
opportunity to walk through the procedure I used to publish the
editorial, since I hope others will join the 'let's make great Qi news'
action in general...

First I created a new wiki page with the text

The title is important because it will later automatically show up
on the Qi homepage.
If you look at the page source, you notice two <noinclude> sections.
One at the top to reference the original mailing list post, and another
one at the bottom to put the page into the 'News' category:


Then I went to the news aggregation page in the wiki, which is at
If you look at the source of this page you will see how it
aggregates community news, editorials, press releases etc. into
one RSS/Atom feed. For the new editorial, I added the following
section at the top of the feed item list:

= Qi Editorial: Nostalgia =
--[[User:Allin Kahrl|Allin Kahrl]] 08:27, 6 October 2010 (EST)

I inserted an extra "Qi " prefix before the title because it will show
up in the planet with this title, and a bit more context is helpful.
The feed generator will parse the author line exactly like shown,
so you need to follow this syntax, even if the user account
"Allin Kahrl" doesn't even exist like in our case here. The part
after the '|' will be taken for the author field of the post.

After saving the 'News' aggregation page, the editorial will
then be picked up by the planet at
and anybody subscribed to it, as well as by people subscribed
to just the Qi news feed.
Since the editorial page was added to the News category earlier,
it will also automatically show up in the 'Good News' section of
the homepage at

You don't need to hesitate editing old wiki articles that are in
the News category, for example to correct typos, broken links,
factual errors, and so on. Both the News aggregation as well as
the one on the homepage will not pickup old news that are being
corrected a second time.

Hope this helps, and I hope more people join the process, we do
need to spend a bit more time to tell the good stories we have
around our projects and people...

The upcoming community news we need to work on is at
If you have some time to polish the text, embed nice pictures
or videos, add missing news or links, please do so. We have an
amazing amount of stuff in the wiki and other servers, it just
needs to be presented in a good way...

Those news will be published on November 1st, same system as
described above.

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