Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Tue Oct 12 04:46:03 EDT 2010


> In case customs stop the import shipment, the import company has to  
> proove the patents are NOT infridged. Proove of this is ONLY a licence  
> of the patent holder. Very simple, very annoying.

How did you resolve your case actually?
You tried to import a shipment of goods that infringed on the MP3 patents.
They caught it. The case went to court. Why actually? Did you dispute the
infringement? If you acknowledged the infringement, why did the case go
to court? What did Sisvel ask for as a remedy for the infringement?
They ask customs to confiscate/destroy the infringing goods? My
understanding of patent law is that you cannot force a patent holder to
license a patent to you, but to which degree are they able to exploit
this? In other words, how big is the damage they are allowed to create
so they can make their couple bucks?


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