new upload: fped_0.0+r5983-1

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Oct 14 09:19:17 EDT 2010

Bas Wijnen wrote:
> If you use the --as-needed option for the linker (-Wl,--as-needed on the
> gcc commandline), it will discard the extra libraries. That should get
> rid of the warnings, AFAIK, but it also means you may need to be more
> correct in what you link explicitly.

Hmm, --as-needed does remove the unused libraries from fped itself
(shown by readelf -d fped | grep NEEDED), but the libraries it uses
do bring them right back at run time (shown by ldd).

Also, none of this changes that they are part of the build
dependencies, because pkg-config lists them.

fped doesn't use dlopen or such, so I think --as-needed should be
safe to use.

Xiangfu, which of these many cases does Debian care about ? If it's
just readelf -d, then I can add LDFLAGS to get rid of it. The rest
seems to be beyond fped's reach.

Thinking of it, would just putting LDFLAGS into the Makefile, and
invoking a build with  make LDFLAGS_DEBIAN=-Wl,--as-needed  work ?
That way, I wouldn't have to expose an intricate mechanism we only
see because Debian (mis-)uses it as an indicator for something

- Werner

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