Plan 9?

Mark Tuson markfptuson at
Tue Oct 19 16:05:58 EDT 2010


This is just a thought, but I think it would be fun if something akin to 
the NanoNote could be done, but running Plan 9. The obvious difficulties 
would by mouse-related, but how likely would Plan 9 be on later flavours 
of the NanoNote? If the screen got a bit bigger (I've said this before - 
I want 640x480, shouldn't be much bigger really) and was touchable, 
three mouse-buttons available somewhere and it was all Plan 9 
compatible, I'd more than happily play with that, especially since when 
I get my Pandora, I'll be using the Pandora for what I currently use my 
NanoNote for.

I want Plan 9 in my pocket because I want to be able to hack around with 
it. I've been playing with Linux for a while now, and know it well 
enough to continue learning. If we get more memory, a bigger screen, 
ethernet (if possible, direct ethernet) and a three-button touchscreen 
(or whatever), Plan 9 will be perfect, for me at least.

What are your thoughts?

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