1000 Nanos sold, the next 1000 manufactured

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Mon Oct 25 03:40:47 EDT 2010

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how important is this? I'm not sure. It's not about how user
friendly our copyleft devices got by now, nor any new product
But still it's a round number so a moment to reflect:

We have sold the first 1000 Ben NanoNotes!

Thanks to a very active Tuxbrain, great customer support by all
of us, and thanks to a number of news that appeared on high traffic
sites (theregister, slashdot, ITmedia in Japan, etc).
We have learnt so much in this process that I don't want to try
to list it all here. I hope you follow our project closely, good
things are happening and more is on the way.

The first 1000 Bens found their way to over 30 countries (including
the ones in Europe. Note that the list does not add up to exactly
1000 because some were sold before we started tracking):

Argentina:        4
Australia:       31
Belarus:          4
Brazil:           2
Canada:          27
Chile:            1
China:           18
Columbia:        28
Ecuador:          1
EU:             394
Hong Kong:        3
India:          100
Japan:           72
South Korea:      1
Malaysia:         2
Mexico:           1
New Zealand:      2
Nigeria:          1
Philippines:      2
Russia:           4
Singapore:        2
Switzerland:     15
Syria:            2
Taiwan:           4
Turkey:           1
US:             246

Total:          968

In addition, there were about 5-8 returns (mostly defective cables
going to the screen), and we loaned maybe 4-5 devices to people that
made outstanding contributions. We lost 4 in fraudulent orders.

I am committed to not let our beautiful Ben run out of stock, we need
this product as our gravity center towards a user friendly product, and
also to pull our business in the right direction (which is, to serve
our customers with logistics, support, warranty, updates).
We started the second run (another 1000 Ben) in time, and I can already
report the results from that run:

We produced a total of 1003 devices, 11 of which showed some problems
at our Linux test and reflash station:

  6: "cannot enumerate USB device" on Asus notebook, worked behind hub [board changed]
  1: led lightguide squeezed in [fixed]
  1: cannot short usb-boot pins [new board]
  1: boot & nerase works, but flashing u-boot results in errors [went away after unknown factory steps]
  1: flood of jz4740-mmc jz4740-mmc.0: Sparse irq: 80 [sent device to Xiangfu]
  1: battery connector damaged [fixed]

Overall this run was a lot smoother than the first run. Our software,
especially the Linux kernel but also surrounding tools like usbboot,
u-boot and mtd-utils, have made good progress since January.
Thanks a lot to the many people that helped, especially Lars, Mirko
and Xiangfu.

Now we have another 1000 Ben NanoNotes waiting for new customers,
and selling them will be a nice challenge :-)
Over the summer we saw fantastic software contributions from a lot
of people, now we need some time to pull this all together into a
stable and fully tested image.

If you have a NanoNote already, consider recommending it to a friend.
If you want to improve your Linux skills, buy one too and join our
So much for now, about Ben NanoNote.
A big THANKS to all buyers and contributors!
Feedback welcome as always,

EU shop: http://www.tuxbrain.com/oscommerce/products/68
Hong Kong shop, for US and rest of world: http://sharism.cc/shop/

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