1000 Nanos sold, the next 1000 manufactured

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Mon Oct 25 07:58:41 EDT 2010


> the college; and I'll also show it at
> http://mygosscon.oscc.org.my/2010/home


> I am afraid, time will be too short to ask for some material to be
> distributed during this conference?

That's Nov 2-3. If we are quick we can still send you some notebook
stickers. Can you email me your mailing address off-list? How many
stickers do you think you need?

We are supplying anyone who goes to a conference and wants to show
the NanoNote around with stickers. Just holler.

> My one and only wish for the second next 1000: get it a host-USB.
> I'm sure it will make all the difference, when we can add a
> keyboard, mouse, WiFi-dongle, USB-to-serial, or whatnot. At least

Noted :-) We are trying!

Thanks for all your support,

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