Not all pdf's work

Gareth Francis at
Wed Oct 27 04:59:03 EDT 2010

The mupdf library has a few problems with some things, i don't think it does
many of the newer pdf features, and because of it being targetted for
drawing things in high quality, it can be slow at times.

the things i've bumped into is some kind of textbox, with a semi-transparent
beige background - this will eventually render, it'll just take about 10
minutes, and a few other slowdowns due to lots of vector graphics (like a
huge table for instance)

On 27 October 2010 09:36, Jane Andreas <JaneAndreas at> wrote:

> I am running Jlime with MUPDF, and I noticed that a PDF I have from Google
> books does not work, neither does one that is a little slow on my Laptop to
> load. Does anyone know why that is? Is it cpu power inadequacy, or codec
> missing? Thanks
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