some idea about cleanup the [tracking_backfire] branch

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Wed Oct 27 10:00:11 EDT 2010

Hi All

as you can see we have create another branch name [master]
which we should always commit patches to [master] branch.

we want cleanup the [tracking_backfire] branch. 
for now the [tracking_backfire] is far from upstream [backfire]
I have try diff between [tracking_backfire] and [backfire]
the patch is 2.9M, and there are ~560 files are differents
most of the files is merge from upstream's [master] branch.
(which shouldn't be there)

we only modified :

so my idea about cleanup the [tracking_backfire] is like this:

1. remove the "data/" folder, try to create a openwrt package 
   which contain Ben NanoNote files. package name: ben-nanonote-files :)

2. remove the [tracking_backifre], create a clean checkout from upstream
   [backfire] branch  

3. manual apply patches (< 10, target/linux/xburst, package/uboot-xburst)

then we can create series patches on new [tracking_backfire] branch. 
send to openwrt upstream or merge back to upstream [backfire].

Best Regards
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