Bricked Nanonote

Bas Wijnen wijnen at
Wed Oct 27 15:15:47 EDT 2010

Op 27-10-10 20:53, Kristoffer Ericson schreef:
> Bricking shouldnt be possible (although burning the nanonote over an open fire will work).
> You should be able to put it into usbboot mode using the hardware method (shortening pins).
> Ive personally had a "stubborn" nanonote where Ive had to spent hours (yes, hours) trying to
> get it into usbboot mode.
> The best advice I got was from wolfgang saying that I should try aluminium foil.
> So keep trying and you will get it to work.

Also, what works very well but is slightly risky if you've never used a
soldering iron before, is to put some solder (tin) on a soldering iron,
and touch the usb boot pins with it, so they get a tiny drop of it on
them. They don't need to be connected to anything (in fact, they
mustn't, or you can't do normal boot until you disconnect them).

Because solder is much softer than what's on the board, it is then easy
to make electrical contact with both pins by holding any piece of metal
(such as aluminium foil or a screwdriver) against them and pushing
lightly on it (about as much as you need to press a key or mouse
button). Press the reset button (with a thin but not too sharp object)
while shorting them and it should show up in lsusb. (after that you can
stop shorting the pins).


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