BNN: Manual display sleep?

Allin Kahrl qbject at
Wed Oct 27 18:39:47 EDT 2010

I'd like to conserve power as much as possible on my BNN for maximum
runtime, and I assume the LCD/backlight is a significant consumer of
energy. In #qi-hardware, mth told me that the following command will
shut down the LCD and its controller:

echo 1 > /sys/devices/platform/jz4740-fb/graphics/fb0/blank

It appears to work on my unit, but as soon as it shuts off, the
display pops back on again, even without user input. I stuck it in a
shell script and running the script still just causes the display to
blink once. Is there something I can do to sleep the display
persistently until user input, the way it does automatically when

Also, it appears that the "bind" command is not part of our OpenWrt
installation. Is there a tool I don't know about to create a new
keybind, or should I work on installing bind?


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