Gnuplot and imgv

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Sat Oct 30 05:17:40 EDT 2010

Op 30-10-10 10:26, Maarten Kruithof-Huijbers schreef:
> An example:
> When I run from the console
> gnuplot -e "plot x"
> I see a plot of y=x (from a png with imgv) but when I run gnuplot and
> run plot x from the interactive terminal, nothing happend until I exit
> gnuplot, then the last plot is shown in imgv.
> What I would like is that imgv is run each time I run a plot in gnuplot.

AFAIK this is not possible with an external program. Gnuplot has a sort
of plug-in system for plotting. Any plug-in can be used while it's
running. However, what you're doing is output to a file and plot that. I
think gnuplot buffers its output and sends it when it closes. So imgv
doesn't see it before that.

If I remember your script, at least you save all output into a file and
only start imgv after gnuplot is done. So that certainly gives you the
behaviour you see.

The best solution would be to use an output type gnuplot understands
itself. Unfortunately, it seems that the framebuffer is not a supported
gnuplot terminal type. x11 is, but then you need X, of course.

Perhaps others can give more insight.


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