Ben and Ethernet

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Sep 1 09:55:10 EDT 2010

Carlos Camargo wrote:
> But I remember that is necessary use PSOC designer for create
> the internal architecture I'm wrong? Is possible program a CapSense chip
> using m8cutils without PSOC designer?

I haven't used the CapSense chips, but you can program the PSoCs without
Designer. All the registers are documented and almost all parameters as
well. At least back then, someone in the forum would be able to help
with any of the issues that weren't so clear.

However, this is hard work. Already doing the digital routing manually
is quite a treat and the analog blocks add a lot more parameters (plus
many twisty routes). I had thought of making a tool that would visualize
the routing a given configuration produces, but never got very far with

If and when Cypress get their PSoC3 or maybe even PSoC5 into real
production, that may be interesting devices to look into, though. They
have an 8051 core, which is already much friendlier than M8C, and they
have a little built-in and fully documented (!!!) CPLD with up to 256

- Werner

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