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On Tuesday 07 September 2010 18:56:23 jon at wrote:
> Milkymist
> * Sebastien can you lead the news on this please?

Done (mostly copied from last page which wasn't published).

* The RC1 Milkymist One board bring-up is completed, with all the interfaces 
tested and to a large extent supported in the SoC design. 
* On to a batch of 20-30 RC2 Milkymist One boards for the 27C3 (at the 
latest), as prototyping/development boards for now. 
* Yanjun Luo is working on a JTAG + UART combined cable made specifically for 
the Milkymist One. Hopefully, this cable will be sold with the RC2 batch! 
* The JTAG+UART Gerber files were sent into the PCB factory on September 5th, 
the whole process is expected to take about 13 days until we have complete 
* Michael Walle has been successful using urJTAG that he modified and a FTDI-
based cable to reprogram the Milkymist One. This is one less proprietary tool 
in the chain. 
* Yann Sionneau has completed the Ethernet and GPIO drivers for RTEMS. 
* We are facing some system instability when running complex software on the 
SoC (probably DRAM related). This is becoming a major issue and priority. 
* We have had quite a bit of media coverage lately, with the project being 
posted at MAKE blog and Create Digital Motion. Thanks! 
* The last major step for the SoC design is to finish implementing USB (see 
the SoC roadmap). 
* Software (Flickernoise/RTEMS) contributors are most welcome. 
* We are looking for contributors to design a case.


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