Kernel Module vs Direct memory acess

cristian paul peñaranda rojas paul at
Wed Sep 8 16:14:51 EDT 2010


I'm just getting in to gpio world with linux kernel, i was documenting my self about how
to acess gpio in the Xburst chip, now i undertand how it works or at leats i know what to do
, i found this cool blinking aplication from Werner (Thaks a lot!). Wich shows how 
to write and read the registers asociated to the uSD, of course this will be adapted
to work witht the Tests Points (25,16,35,36) wich is enought for the app i'm working on.

The initial idea is to be able to read data from the three of the ports and make some graphs on
Ben display just like the debug, what kind of data should i wait for?
Is a pulse signal at rates near to 2Mhz, as i cant use interrupts here, what else will be usefull
to create a linux kernel module in order to drives this 4 gpio ports.

What are the implications of accesing directly to the gpio registers? what advantages have the linux kernel
to offer?

Cristian  Paul
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