How much disk space to build image?

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Thu Sep 9 09:48:11 EDT 2010

> Will one of you that has recently successfully built world run
> 'du -hs .' or equivalent and tell me how much disk space I should
> reserve to build images with?

I don't know exactly what 'world' is building. Maybe all platforms?
That would take hundreds of gigabytes. Don't do it unless you know
what it does.

There is a config file in data/qi_lb60/conf/config.full_system which
is use to build the full OpenWrt images for the Ben NanoNote.
Building that should take about 12 GB disk space.
Please note: These images are not very useful right now, we are
hunting some uclibc/sdl/qt bugs... Of course it would be great if
you could join the hunt, we hope to get this back to a stable state

If you run 'make menuconfig', there is an option to 'build all packages'
(BUILD_ALL inside the .config file). I am currently trying out what it
does (running a build on our build host). I would think it builds all
packages for the xburst target?
That would probably take over 100 GB disk space too (over 2000 packages).

We will soon also start to publish the OpenWrt 'ImageBuilder' along with
release images, hopefully that makes it easier for people to join. I
don't know much about the ImageBuilder yet though, hopefully it's good...

Thanks for buying a NanoNote btw, and welcome to the project!

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