How much disk space to build image?

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Fri Sep 10 01:21:54 EDT 2010

> Here is a big picture/big dream question:  Is there a page on the
> wiki named "Manufacturing a Ben NanoNote."  Namely, a page that
> starts with the IP you've developed and gives step-by-step
> instructions for someone that isn't Qi Hardware to have their own
> Ben NanoNote manufactured.
> It seems this is the standard by which to judge open hardware: can
> you replicate the process?  I suspect also this is asking a lot, so
> consider it a mental exercise.

In theory yes, fully agree. In practice the one wiki page that tries
to collect the steps is grossly incomplete
(it's embarassing)

The pieces are coming together, but it's a lot of work. Mechanical side,
PCB/SMT/assembly. Quality criteria, production testing software, etc.


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