gforth can't build in 32bit system.

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Tue Sep 14 04:24:06 EDT 2010

>>>>> "Bart" == Bart  <bart.bes at> writes:

>     Can you try with the new version I just committed?  Works for me
> now.  I can, and it too fails, it even manages to crash cc1, though of
> course now it seems to point at my computer being wrong...

No, the GCC crash is not a problem, Gforth detects that and works around
it.  If you look at the build output you'll see that it fails when
attempting to install 'gforth.elc', the emacs support for gforth.  That
fails because you don't have emacs.  Yes, the Gforth Makefile is
completely broken upstream-wise.

Need to do a little more patching.  

BTW I messed up the gforth package's version number.  Be careful,
automatic updates won't work to the next corrected number (need to
manuall opkg remove first).

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