gforth build broken: missing emacs

Alan Post alanpost at
Tue Sep 14 21:20:05 EDT 2010

The gforth build is broken.  I notice there was traffic on this list
earlier stating that enabling it by default was premature.  I now
agree!  I'm going to disable it in my build, but in really ought to
be disabled in config.full_system until it is ready.

It seems the build failed because I don't have emacs installed.  The
build is ok with this, but the package build step is not.  If it is
going to be enabled in config.full_system, emacs should be added to
the default software to install on the Building_Software_Image page.

Who is working on this?  I assume we should add emacs to the default
set of packages required to build, but I'll ask if you have other

.i ko djuno fi le do sevzi
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