Copyleft Hardware featuring Copyleft Music, Nanowar edition is out

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Thu Sep 16 08:23:37 EDT 2010

this is fantastic. I am so happy you are making the first step...

Life is here to celebrate, the stage to create and share.
So much more public space can be created, so much enthousiasm,
joy be shared. We can be amazed and inspired by each other, how
different we are, what we love, and how we can all respect each

Everybody can expect that we will spend a lot more of our time
in this direction - bring content together, and more importantly
the people creating and enjoying the content.
It's all about the content folks. Ha, no. Not the 'content' as
defined by the content industry who wants to divide us, sell it
to us over and over in appetizer doses.
We want the full dose, direct access to the passion, as much as
digital representations can deliver that.
This is digital innovation to us, not defined by how many mega
whatever, but by how much life is in the wire. Is it us?
And without artificial barriers, without artifical costs, please.
Quite a few walls to tear down :-)

This is important stuff! I want more... :-)
Thanks David,

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