Binary compatability of .ipk packages lost?

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Sun Sep 19 04:17:47 EDT 2010

>>>>> "Xiangfu" == Xiangfu Liu <xiangfu at> writes:

> On 09/18/2010 07:13 AM, David Kuehling wrote:
>> seems like we lost binary compatability of .ipk packages built from
>> the openwrt-xburst.git built system to the distributed 06-15 'latest'
>> firmware image.
> Hi David

> it's because the 06-15 use uClibc 0.9.30. and we have update to 0.9.32
> at testing/08-26 release so that why the recently compile not working
> on 06-15 release.

Ok, thanks for pointing that out.  I think we should update the wiki to
make package porters aware of the issue in general.  People should run

  opkg status libc

to find out whether there nanonote's libc is matching the toolchain
version's.  else they have to upgrade.

Also notifying the mailinglist whenever something like this happens
would help to prevent confusion.


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