Graphical history of schematics

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sat Sep 25 04:53:51 EDT 2010

I've written a tool that takes the git history of KiCad projects and
generates graphical diffs of the schematics. The tools is called
"schhist" and lives in

It's a little quirky to use and there's of course no documentation.
schhist/Makefile may help with figuring out how it works, in case you
want to run it yourself. However, you dont have to, because ...

I've set up a demo page that loosely tracks the schematics of a few
projects on qi-hardware. The page is here:

Right now, I track the following projects:

- ben-wpan (atusb, atusd, cntr)
- sie-ceimtun
- xue

I basically make a mental note to run an update whenever I see a
commit on IRC. If I miss one or if you have an active project to
track I haven't spotted yet, please let me know.

The longer-term plan is to integrate these graphical diffs into the
projects site such that they will be automatically updated when a
commit is made.

- Werner

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