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Jane Andreas JaneAndreas at gmx.com
Wed Apr 6 02:31:39 EDT 2011

I recently noticed that on the Nanonote page, Jlime is now listed also in addition to OpenWRT under the software column and I commend this, diversity of OS'es is a good thing in my book. Maybe someday debian will make it too. Upon trying it, several differences struck me. One is that the recording problem I mentioned in OpenWRT, whereby the file would be full of hang ups and thus ruining its application for recording audiobooks or music, was not there at all- in a word, it worked. I am not sure what the backend program is, but the GUI audio recorder in Jlime is great. This is currently a big difference between Jlime/OpenWRT. The second, perhaps more trivial thing is that SuperTux is different. For one thing, the menus are way to large and then shrink when you select them. The other thing is that I could swear I am getting more FPS with Super TUX under JLIME. (26+) Someone would have to do a systematic test. Lastly, GNU Robbo is awesome, we should get that in OpenWRT.

 In conclusion, there is a meaningful difference between Jlime and OpenWRT and there are actual reasons to use one over the other. It is not necessarily merely preference-driven. For example, Jlime makes recording books for librivox a real possibility.

 The big disadvantage is there is no Aewan as far as I know for Jlime, so no Ascii art for a while...

 Thank you for reading, and as always, hack Well.
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