open source 5-axis CNC router

Werner Almesberger werner at
Fri Apr 8 19:02:59 EDT 2011

jon at wrote:
> Crap, they didn't get enough money :(
> They should try

I'm not really surprised. That project seems to have two big issues:

1) The machine is quite a monster. This makes it expensive,
   complicates the logistics, and it also limites the appeal to a
   relatively small group of people.

2) The whole "what you pledge - what you get" structure only seems
   to make sense at two points: the one where you don't get any
   hardware and the one where you get the full kit. All the rest
   would give you some custom parts that need more custom parts to
   form a whole.

Let's compare this to how a NanoNote could be sliced:

USD 1+: open design files (that's basically pure sponsorship)
USD 50+: the bare PCB
USD 100+: the complete device
USD 150+: device plus "nice peripherals", e.g., ATBEN/ATUSB
USD 180+: add a small bag of UBB
USD 200+: two complete devices plus a spare battery
USD 300+: two sets of devices, extra batteries, "nice peripherals",
          and a small bag of UBB
USD 1000+: ten devices plus ten spare batteries
USD 1500+: ten sets of devices, extra batteries, "nice peripherals",
           and a big bag of UBB

There, you would get something useful at each level.

- Werner

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