WPAN as innovation?

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Thu Apr 14 11:29:59 EDT 2011

On Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 07:57, jon at rejon.org <jon at rejon.org> wrote:
> This is totally helpful. One final thing to you all and the list, what user/human facing applications are people interested in making for this and/or see that could be made on top of BEN-WPAN / SLOWFI?
$$rkj the 6LoWPAN protocol which will be used with
Ben WPAN will often be used in industrial control
and monitoring applications where very low cost and low
power consumption are important.

ATBEN/ATUSB are not IMO "slow." that (cute)
term makes better sense applied to the radio technology
such as HopeRF that works in the lower freqiency
bands such as 800/900 MHz and indeed have low
throughput, maybe 50-100 Kbps while Werner's
radios can deliver a megabit or better per second.

> What would be the dream that can sell someone who is not a freedom advocate
> and is just interested in having connectivity? Is it simply so one can gain
> network connectivity to a hub, aka, get internet?

$rkj that is one application, although wifi would make
a LOT more sense. A more sensible use case is
wireless connection between Ben (or any Linux computer)
and one or many small. cheap sensor pods, such
as Arduinos or similar cheap, low power intelligent units.

Ben has a display and keyboard, and Linux. It can operate
as a "super node" talking to some number of dedicated
sensor systems. The advantage of Ben is it requires
very little power (easily fed by a small solar panel).

> What range can we expect and how many nanonotes could talk to each other at
> the same time?
> Cheers (trust me this is going somewhere, I just know when to ask the experts!)
> Jon

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