nanonote keyboard broke

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Sun Apr 17 14:16:45 EDT 2011

Ok, will do. :) It looks like squeezing the key hard enough will keep it in place quite well so that even upside down it will hold. I suspect gluing it back would still allow the force to be transferred to register a key press. As for Wolfgang, I believe the hacker mentalilty is to cleverly push the limits as to what has been done before. If there is some rubber sheet, it would have to be UNDER the rubber I saw on the key itself. I will try to post pics soon but am getting a new modem so have not had internet in DAYS. Take care, hack well.

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 Wolfgang Spraul wrote: > I didn't even know the keys were removable (they are > definitely not meant to be removed imho). From the look of it, the keycaps may be glued to the rubber sheet. Maybe a small drop of silicone or some elastic glue could help, at least temporarily. Jane, while you have the keycap out, it would be nice if you could snap a picture of its bottom side. - Werner _______________________________________________ Qi Hardware Discussion List Mail to list (members only): discussion at Subscribe or Unsubscribe:
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