Mplayer hardware-acceleration

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Thu Apr 21 09:59:15 EDT 2011


got the hardware-scaler of the nanonote's CPU work with mplayer.  This
means that you can now easily get full-framerate, full-screen video
playback by using less-than full-screen video and having the hardware
scale it without using any CPU cycles.

If you want to give it a try, install mplayer package from here:

Then download that vidix driver and put it to /usr/lib/ :

Here is a demo-video, encoded at 224x144 that plays back fine for me
(this is a version of the famous Big Buck Bunny opensource movie):

Playback via:

  mplayer bbb.ogv -vo fbdev:vidix -fs

This currently suffers from a Theora demuxing bug in mplayer, making the
video stop sometimes.  Use the arrow keys to skip over these locations
(currently trying to upgrade the mplayer package to a more recent
upstream version).

For audio to be at correct volume you need to first unmute the master
mixer by running 'alsa-mixer', selecting <Master> and pressing 'm'
(should display 'OO' below the slider).

The scaler coefficients look suboptimal (producing some horizontal line
artifacts), let's see whether that can be fixed.

For encoding I used ffmpeg2theora with the latest libtheora 1.2 alpha
("ptalarbvorm"), which raised Theora quality quite a lot.  Command line:

ffmpeg2theora input.avi -o bbb.ogv --speedlevel 0 \
              -x 256 -y 144 -a 0 --channels 2 -v 8

This is about 2MB/minute.  Use -v6 to get down to about 1MB/minute.


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