Audio Playback issue on Nanonote

Jane Andreas JaneAndreas at
Tue Apr 26 04:02:53 EDT 2011

I discovered this problem and originally attributed it to the Mic. When I would record audio files and play them back, they would sound really noisy. I assumed that the mic caught alot of background noise, however when I replayed the files on my laptop, I was amazed at how clear they were- this meant it was NOT the mic, but the sound playback on the Nanonote itself that has "added" noise. In other words, where a file has silence, it is not represented that way on the Nanonote. There may not be a conceivable way to remedy this, but I imagine it mighthave to do with the audio driver? Perhaps it is an inherent property of the hardware we chose for the Ben?
 In any case, I am making a note of it.
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