Rights to include songs on Nanonote

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at gmx.de
Tue Apr 26 05:23:56 EDT 2011

>>>>> "Jane" == Jane Andreas <JaneAndreas at gmx.com> writes:

> Hello, I have contacted the artist Sevish and he has agreed to allow
> commercial use only for Qi-Hardware.  Here are the bits of his emails
> to me:

> "You can reprint that bit on the mailing list if you like. I need to
> add one thing: I can only allow Qi Hardware commercial use my
> recordings which were published during 2010 or earlier."

Hi Jane,

I'm not a license lawyer.  But to me this sounds like a field-of-use
restriction, which is not really compatible with the usual open source
licenses.  For example, what about 3rd parties reselling the Nanonote?
Do they all have to build and install their own firmware that does not
contain the songs?

What about another company rebuilding nanonotes from scratch (designs
are open, so that's possible).  Are they barred from using our software


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