video recording of Milkymist One + camera, some random comments

Cristian Paul Peñaranda Rojas paul at
Wed Apr 27 23:58:16 EDT 2011

nice, video

I'm curious if there is a other patch that is not about about
mirroring-like effects?
I never couldt test the drawing board may be is it that what i'm asking?

I also wonder if there if the video-in feature is not too much biased by
milkydrop style of doing animation (scope like?), and there is a open
door for animations in wich the original video-in could be  preserved
and maybe i can overlap this input with extra data? or may be just
conbine with just other animation? i mean not distorcitionate too much
the video-in.. 

My point is with video-in there is a posibillity to implementent more
less related milkdrop patches (i acept i ignore full milkdrop features).

Also will be nice tought about a flicerknoise/milkdrop/whatever
develomep enviroment, i dunno what all the libraries involved about the video-in
manipulation in the software side, i'm aware of the effort for having a
libray of patches, but we're missing may be the chance for developments
in other lower levels just because a not well/know/documentent? API for
video manipulation?.. anyway just saying as the video-in is a _great_
feature for my point of vied with MM1, at least because there is not an
aptina chip on all this ;-)

Well..  some quick and random notes, forgive if not clear, or just for
asking for features.. and work :-)
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