Copyleft Hardware Update 2011-08-08

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Mon Aug 8 02:16:53 EDT 2011

Hi everyone,
thanks for being subscribed to the our list.

Over the last week we've tried to go around and find out what
happened in Copyleft Hardware land lately, and came up with a
nice writeup, pictures and some videos

Every time when I try to assemble this, I think "wow, this must
be the most interesting stuff ever. It cannot get better. After this
we are all dropping out, exhausted, finished."
But somehow it continues, amazing.
And in case it will not - enjoy while it lasts :-)

I guess a lot of us share the belief that there is something there,
somewhere, that will make us build the most exciting, most different
and most people oriented computing devices of the future, and that
they will be built as copyleft hardware. If copyleft hardware doesn't
reach 1 billion people, something went wrong.

Here's what you can do to help:

- tell your friends about copyleft hardware, the Ben NanoNote,
  Milkymist One, Elphel cameras, ben-wpan, etc.
- help us with social media, blogging, tweeting, plussing
- save some money for the wonderful upcoming Milkymist One video
  synthesizer, which will sell for 499 USD + shipping

That's it. Thanks also to the many wonderful people that are already
contributing and defining our path forward. It's largely unknown now,
so if you join you can also help us with the steering wheel :-)

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