Copyleft Hardware Update 2011-08-08

Werner Almesberger werner at
Mon Aug 8 16:29:39 EDT 2011

Wolfgang Spraul wrote:

I think this is the fattest news so far. Something is quite clearly
happening :-)

Most of the activity was in June, with mailing list traffic at
127 kB and IRC traffic at about 400 kB. July saw a bit of a lull
with an all-time low of only 48 kB on the list but still 260 kB
on IRC.

Here are IRC activity statistics for #qi-hardware and #milkymist:

The scripts that generated the plot are in

> If copyleft hardware doesn't
> reach 1 billion people, something went wrong.

But why should it fail to reach just as many people as copyleft
software does ? I don't think Free Software is an isolated
phenomenon. It's rather a shift in how we do things in general,
what role "pure" information plays, and how we view it.

- Werner

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